­­­­­­Charles Thomas Markham 


Our Outlaw Music

We offer you a wide range of musical programs, specifically created for different types of gigs; weddings, parties, anniversaries, corporate parties, pubs, dance clubs, bar & grills, festivals, etc. 

During the event we pay attention to the guests and change the repertoire according to their reactions to the music. We also created many interactive programs – so that we can give the audience the opportunity to actively participate in the event. 

We offer quality music and this always translates into lots of fun for an extraordinary event.



"I was born 1954 in a one room cabin in the foothills of the Applachian Mountains, in Northeast Alabama. I was singing by the age of 6 with my family. I officially began my career at the age of thirteen to pursue my God given talent for music. I have played drums, lead, rhythm, and acoustic guitar and I am currently playing bass and singing lead vocals with my own band THE OUTLAWS, formerly BONAFIDE and do guest appearances with several other bands. I write my own material as well as sing cover songs in classic country, classic rock and a mixture of other genres including hillbilly rock or southern rock as some folks call it. I have had the distinct pleasure of playing with many of the great music legends that have influenced and molded my love of traditional country music such as; Merle Haggard, Marty Haggard, George Jones, Grandpa Jones, Hank Williams, Jr., Merle Kilgore, Gene Watson, John Anderson, Pam Tillis, Charlie Daniels, T. G. Shepard. T. Graham Brown, and Shenendoah. Also, the great R&B artists The Coasters, The Drifters, Percy Sledge to name a few. 



"In the mid 90's I had a wonderful experience of having a starring role in a movie released to DVD called WARRIOR RIVER, written and produced by CHET BENNET, currently of Yucca Creek Studios in Divide, Colorado. I played a (country singing) county sheriff helping the FBI capture a band of renegade militia.  It was a very exciting project. My latest project was appearing in a music video with the great STEVE OLIVER out of Nashville. He wrote the title song for Turtleman, (Ernie Lee Brown, Jr.) who had a series on Animal Planet for a couple of years and now he is coming back stronger than ever. This project was great fun, very exciting getting to play with Steve Oliver and Jimmy Riggs, as well as Turtleman and Squirellman, and thanks to Julie Pratt for singing harmony with us and The Berry family for hosting the filming."

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