­­­­­­Charles Thomas Markham 


­­CHarlie Markham And THe Outlaws - they make Country music Sound great!        

Music is an important part of my life and it is always present in every beat of my heart. I work with some of the greatest musicians to come out of the early years of Rock music and traditional Country music. This is what brought us together – our love for the decades of 70's - 90's music. We are four people that just happened to be in the same place at the perfect time. It was extremely easy for us to discover what we had in common, and that was enchanting people's lives and taking them back to a time when­­ music was truly a great art form.

This is how Charlie Mar­­kham & The Outlaws came to be. Sticking to the tradions of the roots of Southern Rock and Traditional Country music all this time they’ve managed to create more than great memories and beautiful lyrics: they've made great friendships, gotten to perform with world renowned artists and made fond memories that can be shared with their grandchildren;  they've brought  happiness and joy into people’s lives when they needed it the most.  They have a destiny to fulfill and are currently pursuing just that.


We offer you a wide range of musical programs, specifically created for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate events, pubs, festivals, etc. 

During the event we pay attention to the guests and change the repertoire according to their reactions to the music. We also create many interactive programs – so that we can give the audience the opportunity to actively participate in the event. 

We offer quality music and this always translates into lots of fun and an extraordinary event.



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